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Laminated film (for pharmaceutical product and food packaging)

We can accommodate orders for multi-kind, small-lot production of film for pharmaceutical and food packaging.

Laminated film

Laminated film

Through the utilization of many different types of film printing and processing technologies, we provide sachet and pillow bag films for pharmaceuticals and packaging films for food products. We offer a wide range of grades to support high-level requirements and varied orders from the pharmaceutical and food product fields.

Packaging design informed by many years of experience.

The experience accumulated over the years has given us an abundant knowledge of package design that enables us to handle a wide variety of laminated products for pharmaceutical and food manufacturers.
We propose products that utilize special types of film to meet diverse needs. In addition to fulfilling basic functions such as storage and protection of contents, these films can offer more advanced functions such as tear resistance and chemical resistance.

Lineup We Handle

  • ・Pillow bags for pharmaceuticalsGazette bags for PTP sheets, flat bags, etc.
  • ・PHARMACEUTICAL PACKAGINGStick bags, 3-side seal bags, 4-side seal bags, etc.
  • ・FOOD PACKAGINGZipper bags, stick bags, 3-side seal bags, 4-side seal bags, cup lid materials, etc.
    *We supply films, welded plastic bags, containers, molded items, and other products in the form you request.