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Privacy policy

About our privacy policy

TAKETOMO,INC.(hereinafter refferd to as our company) explains our privacy policy as follows, with the structure of it thoroughly acknowledging its importance and implementation to all employees, thus promoting its security.

Management of personal information

Our company keeps our customer’s personal information protected and updated, preventing unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification and leakage, while taking necessary measures such as security system maintenance, control system improvement, thoroughness of employee education, implemented safety measures and a rigid control privacy policy.

Purpose of privacy policy use

Private information submitted by customers will be used for sending e-mail and documents as contacted by our company, including information of businesses and answers to inquiries.

Disclosures and supply prohibition of personal information to third party.

Our company manages personal information submitted from customers adequately and will not disclose personal information to a third party except in the cases applicable below: ・ With customer’s agreement ・ In case of disclosing business consignment to a trader to implement service adhering to customer’s wishes. ・ In case of disclosure requirement as required by law.

Safety measure of personal information

Our company takes thorough measures of security for accuracy of personal information and safety guarantee.

Identity verification

In the case a customer has a specific inquiry, including revising and deletion of one’s personal information we will confirm identity verification

Compliance and overhaul of laws and legal norms

Our company complies with Japanese law along with other legal norms regarding retained personal information, and reexamining the contents of this policy appropriately.


Please contact us using the information below for inquiries of our handling of personal information.

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