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Environmental policy

Fundamental philosophy

TAKETOMO,INC.aim to earth-concious corpolate activity in all aspects of development,production,distrubution,consumption and adrogation of products,and we strive to improve the daily operations to reduce the load of enviromental effects from our company’s activity as much as possible

Basic policy

Each employee acts to prioritize kindness to the environment while in the world of corporate activity. Our policy regarding environmental control is as follows:
1. continuous improvement and antipollution of our environmental management system.
2. Development and sales promotion of products considering the environment.
3. Improve daily operations and reduce the load towards the environment.
4. Observance of applicable legal request items and other requirements approved by the company.
5. Promotion of recycling and reutilization
6. Reduction of waste
7. Resource saving, energy saving
Setting policy based on the above and efforts to achieve the target.

1st, December 2010